Club Philosophy

Players can explore and be creative without fear of mistakes

We foster an environment free from the “fear of failure”, where our players can explore and be creative without the fear of making mistakes. We believe that such an environment, with no limitations is where our players can grow the most and realize their potential both as players and people. The motivation to play attractive soccer must be greater than the fear of losing.

Edge FC Levels of Player Growth

Early Childhood Ages 5-7: 

This is the first stage of the development process with Edge Futbol Club. It is during this time that we begin to introduce the foundation necessary to develop the top talent. During this age we will teach proper techniques sand look to create positive habits that will ensure the ability to develop further. Our main focus at this age is ball mastery. We want children to be able to accomplish certain functions with the ball including; proper dribbling, popping the ball up, and begin learning to juggle. We will also teach players to be able to change directions with the ball. These are a few of the deliverable objectives parents can expect when signing up with our club at this age

Juniors Ages 7-10:

Our junior program focuses primarily on technical training (foot skills and passing.) Ensuring players are able to retain the ball in any situation they are presented with is essential for long term development. As the player’s confidence on the ball grows we will begin to teach the foot skills that no only allows them to keep the ball in any situation but to get around opponents. As we work to develop those skills we will begin to introduce proper shooting techniques. Players will also improve in areas such as flexibility and coordination during this stage. Lastly, we will being to expand on the fundamentals of passing and begin to learn functional movements off the ball. The deliverables we expect with this group include 1v1 mastery, proper passing and movement off the ball, and the beginning of ball possession style of soccer. 

Adolescents Ages 11-14:

This stage of development continue to build off the growth in the preceding stage by focusing on the possession style of soccer we expect our teams to play. By first developing proper techniques and mentalities to play possession style soccer we begin to teach the movements necessary to accomplish this style of play. As players are more confident and comfortable with both their ball mastery, passing and movement we begin to teach the tactical side of the game. Strategies that allow for successful game play with our possession style approach along with the ability for smart decision making from every player. As we focus primarily on proper game play, we will also work on fitness and set pieces. Parents should expect players to have strong foot skills, high accuracy passing, and possession. These core abilities are a major step in the development process as the ability to pass and move is fundamental in successful team play and is the set up for our next stage of development. We will also improve the players’ coordination, flexibility, ball control with various areas of their body, shooting and set pieces. Parents should expect players to be able to pass on the ground and in the air with high level of accuracy. Players should also be able to identify their next pass before receiving the ball and understand the importance of the mental side of the game.